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Everyone loves Kaş.

A quiet bay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea conceals many secrets at its bottom. Kaş is one of the most beloved resorts of all Turkish People It is completely different from other popular resort areas. Rich ancient history, amazing beauty of it’s mountain ranges and absolutely transparent incredibly blue sea.

The word “Kaş” (pronounced “kash”) in Turkish means “eyebrow”. The rocky plateau of Kaş looks very similar to an eyebrow

Things to do in Kas

1. Sea and diving

The rocky sea floor keeps the water around this area as transparent as glass. It attracts large numbers of divers and snorkelers to the area. The first "Diving School" opened here back in 1986. There are about 15 dive sites include a sunken airplane, ships, underwater caves and amazing landscapes.

There are plenty of boats ready to take you for a daily tour or even trips of several days duration.

2. Greek island tour

The Greek island of Meis is only 20 minutes away from Kas by boat. The Greek name for the island is Kastellorizo. Visiting the island is quite an interesting experience. The island is tiny, very tranquil with brightly coloured houses, no traffic at all, and very pleasant people. On the island, be sure to climb the cliff to the ruins of the old fortress and take a boat to the Blue Cave. The rest of the day can be spent swimming, sunbathing and sampling local delicacies.

3.Remnants of Ancient Civilizations

Hellenistic amphitheatre, built in the 1st century BC. The amphitheatre has 26 rows and can accommodate 3,000 spectators. Lycian tomb on the central street of Kas, 4th century BC.

4. Lovely streets

When you arrive in Kas, be prepared to experience the spirit of adventure. The streets of the city are narrow, cobbled, with white-walled houses surrounded by greenery. Due to the remoteness of Kas from the airports, only the most sophisticated tourists, mainly from Europe, tend to come here.

5. Local hospitality.

Kas is a resort with inexpensive pensions, villas and 2 and 3 * hotels. Most popular: Ekici Hotel, Kekova Hotel, Hotel Club Phellos, Bilgin Hotel. Accommodation - from $ 40 per night for a room in a boarding house to $ 80-90 for a room in a three-star hotel in Kas.

Guests are provided with a breakfast ("buffet") with dishes of Turkish and European cuisine, refreshing drinks in bars, quality service, bike rental and sightseeing tours, free secure parking, as well as cosy rooms with an elegant interior and striking views from the windows.

6. Paragliding in Kas

The cost of paragliding in Kas is about 90 € plus photos and videos The views, of course, are absolutely beautiful. You can purchase a ticket on the spot at any agency in the city or book in advance.

We are happy recommend our partner Sukru Kocaoglu for the organization of Kas, Kalkan tours.

Have fun and discover this country with us!

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