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Alexandra Sarioglu

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alexandra sarioglu

A Bit About Me

Originally I'm from Moscow, Russia, and lived in Turkey since 2011. I started my career in Real estate as an apprentice in 2012. During the years I have gained extensive experience have become a qualified real estate specialist in the international market.

I truly love living in Turkey, the lifestyle, the people, and the climate are all aspects of the Turkish life I enjoy. I feel at home here I would like our customers to have the same experience and home feeling.

During my years in the sector, I have gained a good understanding of the expectations European customers have around investment, property settlement, and living in Turkey.


My Goal with Orange Bear is to build a business where we work closely with our customers and can provide the customer with services that meet all needs and expectations.

We are committed to making Turkey your second home!

Work Experience/Education

August 2021 - Present time

December 2015 - August 2021

September 1998 - June 2004

I've opened my own company ORANGE BEAR TOURISM & REAL ESTATE

PR, Sales and Marketing Director

TPC Construction & Real Estate

Real-estate market analytic.

Sales and Marketing.

PR, Social Media.

Specialist in Social and ethical psychology. Lecturer in psychology.

Moscow Humanitarian University Graduated

The years of attendance 1998 – 2004

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