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Landlord Raises Rent. My actions?

The recent rise in rent made a big impact on the rental business in Turkey. For the people who were unprepared for this increase, it was a big-time call for moving out or even leaving the country. However, if you receive a rent increase notice, you can take action to verify its legitimacy.

Is rent increase is over 25%?

The maximum growth of the rental rate for residential purposes should be calculated according to the 12-month average CPI change. You should know that residential rent rate growth between June 11, 2022, and July 1, 2023, cannot exceed 25%.

Here in Turkey renters are protected by the law. Before giving you a rent increase notice your landlord must follow the rules concerning the amount of increase, the timing of the notice, and so on.

Talk to your landlord.

First things first. He wants more money but it doesn't mean that you are ready to pay it. Tell him your reasons, and try to fund a satisfying both parties solution. Say that you know your rights and both of you should be acting according to the law.

Did you receive a written notice of the rent increase?

The landlord cannot just tell you your rent price will raise. It should be written and sent to you as a letter or email. This document you can use as evidence of a rent increase request. That is very important: no words, only a written letter makes a request applicable.

Check your lease contract. What's in it?

Is the rent increase written in the agreement? Is there a specified time frame or/and conditions of rent increase written in the lease terms? If there is nothing in the contract then the rent increase may be considered illegal.

Get a lawyer.

All illegally raised rents are subject to the court. Ask for legal advice. The lawyer will assist you in gathering what you will require and in filing a complaint against your landlord.

Negotiating with landlords who want to increase the rent increase is very difficult. At least in most cases. The landlords may be violating the terms of your lease and ignore your complaints. But you have a strict law and attorneys protecting your rights.

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