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10 Reasons to Retire to Turkey

Wonderful climate of Turkey with its short mild winters and long summers together with the reasonable coast of living, highly developed health care, wide ex-pat community, plenty of attractions makes Turkey a perfect country for your retirement.

Reason No 1: Climate

Here in Turkey we have plenty of climate-immigrants. Is it a thing? Oh, yes! Especially when you are tiered from the grumpy weather and settling in sunny Mediterranean region!

We have 3 types of weather:

Mild is March-July and September-November;

Hot is July-August;

Cold (well, relatively) is December-February.

Reason No 2: Cost of Living

In Turkey all your expenses are in Turkish liras (TL). The exchange rate of TL makes your living cost here a very good value for money. We wouldn’t say it is very cheap, the prices are growing (like everywhere in the world) but most things are pretty much cheaper than in Europe and UK.

Reason No 3: Developed healthcare

The healthcare in Turkey the world-famous. Turkey became one of the leading destinations for medical truism. Especially dental care, all types of surgeries, dialysis, autoimmune diseases treatments.

If you are over 65 years you are not obliged to get a health insurance to obtain a residence permit, however, we do recommend you to get insured via international insurance (like French AXA).

Reason No 4: Famous Turkish Hospitality

There is a well known saying that "Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia". Turkey welcomes you all: people of any religion, any color any life position. If you are an open-minded and modern person or if you are orthodox and modest person, be sure that in Turkey you will find a big welcome. The important is to be a decent person and you won't find any troubles here but only help and attention from locals.

Reason No 5: Simple and Easy Procedure of obtaining residency Permit

To get a residence permit you whether buy a property in Turkey or have a long term rental contract. First time you can apply for a residence permit for 2 years and after 8 years of living in Turkey you can get a timeless residency.

You can also apply for Turkish citizenship directly after purchasing a property in Turkey for 250.000 USD. Or you can apply for citizenship after 8 years of living in Turkey.

Reason No 6: Developed Expat communities

When in Belek and Kadriye the main thing is golf and our expat community built around this game, there are plenty of other places with another interests: handy craft communities, walking communities etc. You just choose the region and you will defiantly find a society.

Reason No 7: Brilliant Nature

The beauty of Turkey is legendary: gorgeous beaches of the sea regions; cosmic landscapes of Central Anatolia; green, lush forests of the north; stunning mountains and rocky shores; wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Plus don't forget the healing air filled with pine and eucalyptus essences.

Reason No 8: Turkish Cuisine

The quality of food is a guaranty of good health. Turkish cuisine is a wonderful blend of Mediterranean, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Armenian and Balkan cuisines. Turkish cuisine is famous in usage of the best quality extra virgin olive oil, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits, wonderful quality of meat and so on.

Reason No 9: Accessibility

There are plenty of large international airports in Turkey. You are able to reach your new home easily all the year round.

In the past ten years, the roads in Turkey have gone through an enormous transformation so you can easily travel around the country by car. Also there is a very convenient public transport system in the cities and between: buses, tramways, trains.

Reason No 10: Historical heritage

Turkey has plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites: holly and mythical places. It is an archaeological paradise filled with well preserved ruins of the ancient cities.

You can walk by the footprints of legendary people: follow the road of Alexander the Great, visit the places where holy apostles were giving their speeches and the house of Virgin Mary, make a wish in the Saint Nicholas church…

Turkey is filled with architectural wonders referred to the different historical eras. The underground and cave-cities of Cappadocia or Istanbul treasures like Hagia Sofia or Topkapi Palace are waiting for you.

Every little town in Turkey has its own charm and unique architecture with elements referred to different eras.

Our best advice for you is to come and spend here one or two months. Then you can see if Turkey is suitable for you. And we are always here to assist you and answer your question.

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