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Beauty And Massage Salon In Belek

RECOMMENDATION FROM ORANGE BEAR: of the Beauty And Massage Salon In Belek.

Actually, this beauty salon is quite popular among foreigners so this article is more of a reminder and a guide for newcomers. Here you'll meet high-quality treatment and beauty procedures.

The owner of the place Kamilla shared with us the experience of establishing a successful business in Turkey as a foreigner that lives here permanently.

Kamilla was born and raised in Ukraine. In Kharkov She qualified through medical college as a specialized nurse and was working first as an ordinary nurse in a rehabilitation centre. Then she got a position as a Head nurse.

16 years ago she has been tempted by a friend of hers to come to Turkey to work for a season in a hotel in Belek as a receptionist. Just to have a nice summer and a different atmosphere. And she saw the potential for a business in beauty Spa, cosmetics and wellness massage.

Then she upgraded her education in Kharkov in the physiotherapy field and returned back to work as a masseur-physiotherapist for nine years. In the meantime she met and married a Turkish man, and had a child. But unfortunately the marriage didn’t work out and after divorce she was alone with a little child and nearly zero income. So she decided to act and build a career.

Seven years ago she opened her massage and beauty salon in Belek and it is still going strong

In her salon you can have facial treatments, sport massage, and also she has professional apparatus for the “lazy sports” that improves lymph flow, reduces cellulite and improves the skin tone.

Her recommendation is, first of all, to learn the language; it opens lots of doors. And don’t lose your courage. Of course, like everywhere else, here is bureaucracy but it is not too scary when you get in to it; the law is there and it is working.

Get in touch with Kamilla: +90 552 511 11 26
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