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Boat Tour

Summer is here and it's the best time to be in the sea. The daily boat tours are among the most popular activities at Turkish Rivera. But we invite you to take a look at the legendary Blue Cruise.


The Blue Cruise is a boat trip that you can make from any marina from Bodrum to Alanya and back. It is a beautiful blend of sunny weather, crystal clear sea, exploring little coastal villages, snorkelling, fishing, water sports, hikes on natural and historical sites.

The small harbours, little authentic settlements, ancient cities, hidden valleys - you'll see them all.


The Blue Cruise started in the Gulf of Gokova near Bodrum in the late 1950s. It was a bohemian way of enjoying the beauty of the Turkish coastline. Normally the trip takes a week or two. Blue sky and blue sea gave the name for this extraordinary boat tour.


You are going on The Blue Cruise via a traditional sailing gulet or a modern yacht. The boat is like a little hotel: you have a private cabin that has a sea view, obviously, nice food and drinks.

You can spend all day long in your swimming suit and explore the hidden Turkey.

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