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Can I bring with me to Turkey...?

Most of us have some habits that we don't want to give up during travel. And in case we move to another country most of us suffer without our regular products of food or cosmetics etc. We all tend to bring our comfort goods anywhere we are going. So let's see what can we take with us to Turkey.

You are allowed to bring to Turkey:

1. 600 cigarettes.

2. 100 cigarillos (but up to 3 grams each).

3. 50 cigars.

4. 250 g of tobacco and 200 cigarette sheets or up to 250 grams pipe tobacco.

5. 1 kg each: tea, instant coffee, coffee beans, chocolate, sugar.

6. 1 liter of strong alcohol (more than 22% alcohol).

7. 2 liters of alcohol (less than 22% alcohol).

8. Cologne, toilet water, perfumes, essences and lotions (up to 600 ml).

9. Cosmetic products (up to 5 positions).

10. Laptop or personal computer (1 piece).

11. 1 new mobile phone every 2 years.

12. Personal medications (must have a prescription or doctor's opinion).

13. Up to 2 pets: dogs, cats, birds. Or 10 aquarium fish (required documents: passport or animal certificate, veterinary card).

14. Food products of animal and vegetable origin. The border control might ask you for a Certificate of Conformity. Most probably they will not but in the law it is written so.

15. You can bring jewelry and precious products into Turkey, the value of which does not exceed $15,000. If the jewelry is worth $15,000, then the export of such goods must be declared.

You can also bring in the gifts, the value of which does not exceed 430 euros, for teenagers under 15 this limit is 150 euros.

If you exceed the specified limits.

If you exceed the specified limits, you must fill out a customs declaration. Of course, you can skip it if you have, for example, more than five cosmetics for personal use (and most of the girls often do), or two new mobile phones instead of one. In such cases, customs officers usually do not make any trouble. But if you exceed the allowed limits for transporting, for example, alcohol or cigarettes, then there is a risk of being detained by customs officers.

Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid in Turkey.

The sale of Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid is forbidden in Turkey. However, you can bring and use your e-cigarettes and use it anywhere where you are allowed smoke. You can bring a cigarette/vapor device for your personal use only! Trading it is prohibited.

How much cash can I get in Turkey?

The import of foreign and national currency into Turkey is not limited in terms of the amount of money. You can import as much cash as you like. But if you import more than $5,000, you must fill out a customs declaration.

If you knowingly falsely declared or did not indicate at all that you had an impressive amount of cash with you, your money may be confiscated and fined.

Braking the rules.

If customs catch you breaking the rules, how bad could that be? If you have a reasonable explanation or enough arguments you can get away with it. It can be a tax fine if you really did something you shouldn't do. For example, you couldn't prove that it is for your personal use and not for sale. At worst, it can be a criminal prosecution but you really have to work on getting there.

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