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Choose The Best Region Of Antalya!

If you would like to buy a summer home in Turkey or searching for a place to relocate to Turkey, you'll definitely face the question which region of Turkey is the best for living?

Of course, it is totally up your preferences. There are so many wonderful places in this country! Lets start with the most popular tourism destination - Sunny Antalya.

Why would you choose Antalya?

Antalya is a mega-police with a population of 2.426 million people. It has one of the biggest international airports in Turkey (AYT). Has a rich history, beautiful nature and absolutely fantastic climate. There are so many attraction points to visit. You will definitely appreciate the wide variety of restaurants and cafes.

Antalya is an international city that welcomes everyone.

Which region of Antalya is the best for living?

The city of Antalya is administratively divided into 3 large districts:

1. Muratpasa (centre),

2. Konyaalti (West)

3. Kepez (north).

KONYAALTI (7 km from the city centre of Antalya)

Konyaalti is divided into 7 districts. The most popular districts among foreigners are: Hurma, Liman and Sarisu.

This is the west of Antalya. There are lots of foreigners who lives here permanently. There are plenty of gourmet shops for Europeans include a pork shop.

Konyaalti has the pebble beaches.

Hurma: located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains between the Bogachai River in the west and the Sarisu region in the east. The distance to the beach is 1-3.5 km.

Liman: located on the seashore between main sea port of Antalya and Bogachai River. There are plenty of seafront restaurants, private beaches and a long promenade.

Sarisu: located at the foot of the Taurus. The sandy and pebble beach is located about a kilometre away. Nearby there is a cable car to the Tunektepe mountain with stunning views of Antalya. There is also a ladies-only beach available.

The real estate prices in Sarisu are lower than in Liman or even Hurma while the apartments have more luxury touch. However, that district has one drawback that compromises all its advantages – there are water treatment facilities that occasionally emit unpleasant odours. The Antalya government has committed to solve this problem in the near future. In the meantime, you have a great opportunity to purchase a luxury apartment at a very attractive price.


This is the centre of Antalya. It includes the historical centre of Antalya – Kaleici, and the popular regions of Lara and Kundu.

Kaleici is all about the little boutique hotels and pensions, the rest of the city Centre is a melting pot of offices, shops, restaurants and so on. The centre of Antalya is the settlement for locals.

Lara. The east of Antalya is called Lara. It is directly located on the cliffs. There are practically no hotels in this western part of the district, mostly residential complexes. Local beaches are located on rocks or on wooden platforms. Here you will find the most expensive apartments in Antalya. The views from the front line properties are stunning.

Mostly stone beaches.

Kundu overlooks the sandy Lara beach. This neighbourhood starts from the Club Hotel Sera and stretches east to the city border. There are several lovely luxury villa projects available.

It's located 9 km Antalya city centre. Sandy beaches.


That is in the north of Antalya. It is quite a large region. Located some distance from the sea, Kepez has very reasonable real estate prices. The upper Duden waterfall is located in Kepez.

Ask your questions on the Facebook expat groups. Get the experience from people who are already living there. The expat community is a very useful resource in your decision making process. Who can advise you better than locals?

If you are still unsure about what you actually want, the best option is to rent a place and spend a few months there. Because nothing beats a personal experience.

And we are always here to help you to find your best spot in Turkey!

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