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Health Insurance In Turkey

Welcome to Turkey. We wish you a great time and hope that nothing will overshadow your stay. Unfortunately, sometimes a human can get sick and no one has canceled the existence of accidents. Fortunately, medicine in Turkey is incredibly well developed, so you don't have to worry too much about traveling to Turkey.

Do I need health insurance in Turkey?

Absolutely! You have no idea how much you will have to pay if you need medical treatment and you do not have insurance!

Medical insurance must include: outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, including surgical treatment, medication treatment, outpatient doctor visits, consultations, tests, all types of studies, including x-rays.

Vacation medical insurance.

Vacation insurance that does not require a residence permit can be perfectly arranged in your home country. Choose based on reviews and your needs.

For a long stay in Turkey.

When obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, medical insurance is mandatory. In accordance with the requirements of the migration office, introduced back in 2014, Medical insurance for foreigners to obtain a residence permit in Turkey must be issued only in Turkey for a period of at least one year - 365 days.

When applying for a residence permit for 6 months, the requirement does not change a bit, it is still have to be 365 days, no less.

How long does it take to get a health insurance policy?

Medical insurance is issued on the day of contacting the Insurance Company. Time for issuing medical insurance: 30-40 minutes.

Required documents: passport and money.

The cost of health insurance.

The cost of health insurance depends on the year of birth and gender. There is also family health insurance for children and parents. Group health insurance is much cheaper than several individual ones, and its cost also depends on gender and age.

Check your insurance policy:

Name: it is issued to a specific person indicating the name, surname, home address, passport number of the insured person, and the personal insurance number assigned to him.

Insurance period: start date and end date of insurance.

Cost: type of insurance and amount of insurance coverage.

Complete information about the Insurance Company: insurance company number, name, legal address, telephones. Medical insurance is issued on the letterhead of the Insurance Company with the seal of the Insurance Company and the signature of the Insurance Agent.

For health and property insurance we are pleased to use the services of Mr. Cihat Öntekin


+90 535 559 38 21

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