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IKAMET - Residence permit in Turkey.

For the last two years with the growth of popularity of distant work, the interest to Turkey keeps increasing. You have the opportunity to work in excellent conditions: clean air, incredibly tasty food, sun and sea.

If you are going to stay in the country for more than 3 months, (for example, using a property rental in Turkey) you’ll have to get a residence permit – Ikamet.

Ikamet is the ID of a foreigner living in Turkey.

Ikamet is a plastic card that can be issued for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years when extending a tourist visa. The specific period of validity of the Ikamet is determined by state services.

Obtaining a residence permit is quite easy. The purpose can be tourism, study and scientific researches, work, and purchase of real estate, marriage to a Turkish citizen and staying on a yacht in the waters of the country, medical tourism, etc.

An application for Ikamet shall be submitted online on the website of the General Directorate of the Migration Service of Turkey

When the electronic application is completed, you'll be given a date and time for an appointment in the Migration Office. For the appointment, you need to bring a set of required documents and a printed-out application.

In order to get the simple tourist ikamet, you will need the following documents:

1. Printed application;

2. Color copy and original of the passport;

3. 4 biometric photos;

4. An apartment rental agreement or documents on the purchase of a real estate in Turkey;

5. Turkish medical insurance;

6. Confirmation of solvency;

7. Receipt for the application payment.

Note 1: The foreign health insurance won't work for the staying permit application. You have to get a Turkish health insurance policy.

Note 2: If you plan to stay in Turkey, you'll need to get a Turkish mobile phone number. All the governmental messages will arrive at this number.

Note 3: According to the law, theoretically, you need to bring an extract from your Turkish bank account with a positive balance, based on approximately $ 500 per month. But the fact is that Turkish banks do not open accounts for foreigners without an Ikamet, so an extract from the foreign currency exchange for the required amount is often enough.

Note 4: You can pay for the application at the spot at the Migration office. They will calculate your payment according to your age, matrimonial status, desired time of staying in Turkey, and so on.

The whole procedure takes just a few minutes. At the appointed time, you must arrive at the Migration office with prepared documents. The officer will check if you have all your papers completed and give you the paper that you've launched an application. That's it.

If everything is OK with your papers, you'll get your Ikamet card delivered to your nearest post office.

You'll receive an SMS to your Turkish mobile number: "Your residence permit is ready, please come and pick it up".

Very important: Ikamet ties you to a specific place of residence. If you decide to move, please read the updates for the law, you might have to apply for a new Ikamet again.

If you don't want to bother with all the procedures Orange bear recommends you to take assistance from our concierge service and transportation agent Sukru. He gladly will take over the whole process, including preparation of the full set of your documents and transportation you to and from the Migration office.

Get in touch with Şükrü:

+90 507 869 26 63

See you in sunny Turkey!

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