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Medical care and Cosmetology in Turkey.

Medical care in Turkey is developed at the top level. The government is constantly working to improve healthcare and support the active development of medical tourism. And it's working! Thousands of people from Europe, America, and all Middle East are coming here for treatment. In many Turkish clinics, the quality of services is higher than in European clinics, while the prices are lower.

Did you know that 43 clinics have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in Turkey? For comparison, only five clinics made it in Germany, and three in Israel. Have you heard of the largest ophthalmological chain of clinics in the world Dünya Göz? It's Turkish and we have one branch that successfully operates in Antalya.

What Turkish doctors are famous for:
  • Curing oncology and infertility, artificial insemination. By the way, in terms of the number of successful IVF results, Turkey is among the top ten countries in the world and Europe.

  • Immaculate plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

  • Even they do perform the most complex organ transplants (we have a doctor who first in the world made successful full face transplantation).

  • Dialysis, dentistry, hair transplantation, laser vision correction - all this is in high demand and priced very reasonably.

Thermal resorts in Turkey.

Turkey has dozens of thermal resorts with world-class treatment and rehabilitation centers.

The most popular places are located in Afyon, Pamukkale, Cesme, Sultaniye (Fethiye), Kangal, and Yalova.

At local thermal resorts, people come to cure neurological disorders, skin diseases, and musculoskeletal system problems.

Cosmetology in Turkey.

Separately, it must be said about cosmetology in Turkey. Highly qualified specialists stand guard over your youth and beauty. Quality materials, advanced technology, and skilled doctors create magic. And again, all this is many times cheaper than in Europe.

If you only go with injections and apparat procedures we can recommend the beauty center Beautitheca in Konyaalti.

For heavy artillery, like surgeries and so on, we can recommend you to visit one of the biggest medical chains in the World Medical Park.

Medical insurance.

As you know, one of the mandatory papers that are required for a staying permit in Turkey is health insurance. That is a very reasonable thing to ask because it reduces your expenditures for medical services dramatically. For example, a visit to a local polyclinic will cost you nothing, and a visit to a large municipal hospital will cost not more than 2-3 euros.

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