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Property Insurance in Turkey

The purchase of real estate in Turkey by foreign citizens continues to grow in popularity. It's not a surprise! Welcoming Turkey offers you:

- Wonderful climate and a lot of sun almost all year round;

- High standard of living and quality of the service provided;

- Good return on investment;

- A large selection of real estate;

- Hospitality of locals.

By purchasing real estate in Turkey, you will have to commit to 2 annual payments:

- Annual property tax;

- Earthquake property insurance.

Is home insurance compulsory in Turkey?

Compulsory insurance in Turkey named DASK - an insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters. This type of insurance is controlled by the municipality. If any natural disaster happens and your property got harmed, you will receive compensation from the state.

DASK is issued once a year and is regulated by Law No. 587 of “On Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in Turkey”.

There is also an optional (voluntary) property insurance in Turkey. In this case, the insurance policy includes not only protection against earthquakes, but also against other types of influences that damage your property. For its registration, You'll have to sign an official contract, where all the points that are significant for the you are prescribed. There is no need to explain that you've got your property covered only in the frames of the insurance contract terms. So please be sure to mention everything that matters to you.

If you don't have any specifications in your mind, you can always use a standard policy, which include about 15 types of risks. For example, fire, flooding with water, power outages, all kinds of accidents, losses resulting from breakdowns of household appliances, office equipment, furniture, etc.

If you are planning to rent out your apartment or villa, do not be lazy to take out extended private insurance to protect your property.

More about DASK

DASK stands for Dogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu. It covers cases related to natural disasters, in particular, earthquakes, fires, landslides, explosions. All residential and some commercial properties in Turkey are subject to DASK insurance.

According to official figures, the Turkish DASK is considered one of the best insurance against disasters in the world.

How much does DASK insurance cost?

The amount of your annual payment depend on several conditions:

- The location of the property (depends on the risks of seismic activity). For example, in Antalya, the risk of an earthquake is considered low, so the DASK insurance policy is quite cheap. And Istanbul is located on a fracture of seismic plates, so insurance there will be much more expensive.

- Real estate area. The more square meters, the higher the amount of payment for the annual insurance registration. Logically.

- Construction features of the building. Whether it is an apartment in the building, or a detached house. Construction materials, technologies for the construction of the foundation, frame, roof are also taken into account.

The cost of the DASK insurance policy in Turkey shall be calculated considering all of the above criteria. The cost of the annual insurance ranges from 15 to 150 euros per year.

Documents for registration of real estate insurance in Turkey.

You'll need to provide to your insurance agent:

- Copy of TAPU (certificate of ownership);

- Tax numbers of all home owners;

- Passport numbers of all owners.

Note 1: It takes a maximum of half an hour to issue an insurance policy.

Mr. Cihat - Insurance Agent (Antalya, Serik, Belek)

Note 2: Regard to insurance payments, the total amount will depend on the level of damage to property. You can count on the compensation of all costs associated with damage to ceilings, floors, roofs, stairs and landings. Normally, payments are sufficient to cover all repair costs.

Note 3: When registering subscribers for water and electricity in Turkey, you will be asked to provide a DASK insurance policy.

You can always contact our insurance agent Mr. Cihad +90 535 559 38 21 to inquire the estimated cost of your property insurance and get insured.

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