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Read TAPU like a pro!

When you are buying property in Turkey, your main document is TAPU - a Title Deed. But since it's Turkey, obviously, you'll get it in Turkish. So let me explain how to reed your Title Deed. Shall we start?

TAPU explained

For your comfort, I've divided the Title Deed into four sections:

Orange, Red, Yellow, and Green.

ORANGE describes the location of the property, the property type and hold an owner's photo.

Exact address:

İı - Provınce

İlçe - District

Mahallesi - Neighborhood

Köyü - Village

Sokağı - Street

Mevki - Position (opposit to..., next to...)

Position on the cadastral map:

Pafta No.- Sheet

Ada No. - Island

Parsel No. - Sector

Since maps are prepared within a certain scale, it is not possible to show small parts of the land in a single sheet. So each area to be mapped is divided into certain sheets according to the latitude and longitude differences. Each sheet contains Islands (big plots) and parcels (small sectors).

Type of property:

Niteliği - Description of the property.

For example, a 3-story concrete building and a land plot.

Sinırı - The exact boundaries of the land registered on the cadastral map.

RED SECTOR - what do you own exactly.

Kat mülkiyeti - Completed building in accordance with the provisions of the condominium law.

Kat irtifakı - The easement right to build a construction in the future on that land - construction servitude.

Devre mülk - Timeshare.

Satış bedeli - The sale price indicated in the cadastral chamber.

Niteliği - Description of the property.

For example, apartment, or land, or triplex villa, etc.

Arsa - the land for residential construction

Tarla - the land for agricultural purposes

Mesken - residence

Arsa payı - the land share.

For example for the apartment of 10 units your land share will be 1/10.

Blok No. - Block number

Kat No. - Floor number

Bağımsız bölüm numara - Independent partition number (apartment number, door number)

YELLOW SECTOR - owner's details and shares.

Sahibi - Owner

Normally it's written: This person (name bla-bla-bla) sold his share of that property to (name bla-bla-bla). And under that text it's written the final owner.

GREEN SECTOR - Land Registry Archive information.

The date of registration of the deal and the folder number. Stamp and signature from the Cadastral Office director.

Tha's it! Now you know what is written in your TAPU.

If you still have any question don't hesitate to ask Orange Beat team or your lawyer. REMEMBER: you are not overreacting you are being cautious!

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